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RisingSun Charities Organization

Biafra Restoration in Newark, New Jersey

Over 5 million children were butchered by the Fulani Terrorist Nigeria Government with cover, weapons, and mercenaries maliciously provided by the British government.

Hospitals, churches, daycares, and schools were destroyed with heavy bombing by fighter jets piloted by Egyptians during the genocidal war, often referred to as the Nigerian-Biafran war from 1967 to 1970.

RisingSun Charities Organization is a Non-Profit Organization in Newark, New Jersey, representing about 70 million Biafrans who are facing genocide and extermination at the hands of the Jihadist Government of Nigeria.

We are established with the goal of saving the life and restoring the DIGNITY of the Biafran people. Join us and be part of this important call for help and in making a significant difference in Biafran’s future.

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Social Services

We help the abused Biafran community to get hold of all their advantages.

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Advocacy & Human Rights

We promote the privileges every Biafran has as a human being.

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We are the voice of the Biafran community in getting their well-deserved help.

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Legal Support

We provide legal support to Biafrans in need.

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Meet Our Members

We are made up of volunteers. Learn more about them.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

To create awareness of the evil and atrocities happening in Biafra.

About Us

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We accept all kinds of help others want to bring to the table.

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